Jonathan Winters, an Inspiration to Me

The other day I was feeling depressed over a variety of things, including money, politics, death, etc. Then I thought about Jonathan, and what he’s been through. He’s 85, 16 years older than me, and he just lost his wife, Eileen, after 55 years of marriage. He’s also bi-polar and has a host of physical problems. Despite those obstacles, he remains cheerful and functions at an extraordinarily high creative level. His new drawings and paintings are wonderful. Just thinking about Jonathan’s ability to overcome adversity and create inspiring art dispelled my gloom and put me in a better mood.

If you’ve been inspired by Jonathan Winters, I would be delighted to hear about it.

-Jim Pasternak, Director

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One Response to Jonathan Winters, an Inspiration to Me

  1. Barbara Holmes says:

    Hi, Jim:

    Someone put me on to Jonathan Winters’ five-part interviews on YouTube, and so I spent most of Thursday this week watching and erupting … in explosive laughter and wild cackles. Sometimes people look behind me to see if there are any eggs on the floor. Other people keep me away from their sleeping babies. I watched clips from Jack Paar, Johnnie Carson, and so on, and now I’ve come upon this promise of a film about Jonathan Winters, which I hope to get to see.

    Over the years, his craziness has made me laugh out loud (no LOL for me; I like to spell things).

    I figure if I’m laughing, I must be having a good time. I had a real good time on Thursday.


    Barb Holmes

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