The Cutting Room Floor

Filming Jonathan Winters and his friends over a few years, we accumulated quite a bit of footage, over 260 hours. Whittling all that footage down to an hour and a half was no easy task, and unfortunately, along the way, some of Jonathan’s friends and other funny scenes were left on the cutting room floor. Hard choices were made, all in deference to the overall film. I really wish everyone could have been squeezed in.

Mickey Rooney and Jonathan Winters goofing around at lunch

Mickey Rooney comes over to Jonathan Winters’ house to help him figure out where he may have left his sense of humor, but Mickey turns out to be even more confused about the whole situation than Jonathan. At lunch, the two of them were goofing around like old friends. Jonathan even did a spoof of Mickey’s infomercial.

Bonnie Hunt tries to help Jonathan connect to his sense of humor through art, by doing finger painting with him. But, unfortunately, we are not allowed to include this footage.

One of the original story lines of Certifiably Jonathan was tracking down the witch doctor that Jonathan alleges stole his sense of humor. Along that path, the filmmakers encounter a Russian mobster played by Rick Overton. Now, Rick Overton may not be a household name, but he should be. He’s been in numerous movies and TV shows, and is hilarious doing standup. I had the pleasure of seeing him perform earlier this year. Needless to say, the scenes with Rick were really funny, but the storyline seemed more of a tangent to the main theme of the film.

Another underrated actor, Taylor Negron, played the actual witch doctor, whom Jonathan confronts. But, again, the film went in a different direction.

Although some great people and scenes didn’t make the final cut, I really want to thank Robert Pergament and Richard Marshall for doing an excellent job, tirelessly editing the film for over a year. And, through all the fine tuning after test screenings and festival screenings, we really ended up with a great film. I can’t wait for everyone to see it.

-Matt Fortnow, Executive Producer

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